All in the Eyes

Believe it or not, in the early days of my photography education I never took photos of people. I'd take "urban landscapes," photos of architecture, light and shadows, but - for whatever reason - never people. Until one day an assignment required portraiture and so I was forced to find some people to photograph. The result? To my surprise the images I printed were received very positively, and yet, my professor and collectively my class wanted more. They challenged me to continue to explore capturing images of people.

The overwhelming majority of my early work are black & white fiber prints from 35mm film. I hope in the future to take the time to scan these images and add the best prints to my portfolio. That said, I did scan this final project for one of my photo classes. The project was simply titled "Eyes" and its premise was fairly simple: take a single model, photograph her in one pose three times, only changing the directionality or angle of her gaze in each photo. Then present the three photos as a triptych with the final photo looking directly at the viewer. While the technical execution could have been cleaner, I was and still am quite proud of the results: