Running Rampant with a Rented Camera



With my first actual photography class under my belt I discovered a new level of passion for photography I never knew existed. Perhaps more importantly I had made friends with the folks in the Northeastern photography lab - the ones who rented out equipment to photo students. It soon became a regular occurrence for me to rent out a Nikon D70s and parade around with it like a tourist visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

My most frequent destinations were the bars and nightclubs around the Boston area that hosted the area's music scene. I routinely carried my little point-and-shoot Canon, but I'll never forget the very first time I rented out a DSLR. There was a show later that night at Bill's Bar on Landsdowne Street featuring a band that my friends were in called Alpha Juliet. Beyond excited, I spent their entire set snapping pics right in front of the stage. In hindsight I may have even used a pop-up flash... (whoops!) You live, you learn...

p.s. man oh man have digital sensors come a long way. Despite the noise, all of these images were shot at ISO 400! Yikes!