Case Media LLC is a media production company run by a self-described renaissance man, Boston-based artist Greg Case. Founded as Case AVP (Audio. Video. Photography.) in 2006 while attending Northeastern University, Case AVP became Greg Case Photography - Casefoto for short - in 2010 and still operates today under the Case Media LLC banner, which was created in 2015. Case, as he is often called, lives in Boston with his wife, daughter, and pug.


The history of Case Media is largely comprised of photography services offered in analog and digital formats to customers around the New England area. Today Casefoto continues to provide high-quality, affordable, analog and digital photography services in-studio or on-location for all types of events, projects, and subjects.


While the history of Case Media is based in photography, the history of Greg Case includes a large chapter of video production studying at Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) in Cambridge, MA before Emerson College and Northeastern University in Boston. Today Case Media aims to provide basic video and editing services to businesses, educational institutions, and individuals for marketing materials, web content, or portfolio archiving.


If photography and videography production has been a profession, music has always been a passion. Greg Case grew up loving music, performing piano, percussion, guitar, bass, and voice. Greg graduated from Northeastern University in 2007 with a degree in Music and continues to play music in his precious spare time. Within Case Media, Greg offers individually tailored DJ services as DJ Ca$e for events such as weddings, reunions, dances, and more.


What started out as web design for his own website quickly became web design and production for various clients. From visual artists, to musicians, and even realtors Case Media has provided web design services to get artist's content online and help other artists grow their businesses.


Greg Case loves technology. He loves gadgets. He loves technical troubleshooting and teaching others how to harness their own technology to improve lives. With Apple certification and years of experience troubleshooting, training, and facilitating workshops Greg loves helping people figure out their technology at homes, businesses, and schools.