So I did a thing. I designed a t-shirt for my wife as a gift and the response has been incredible. So I've made it available for everyone to purchase on the internet. As a bonus, 50% of the t-shirt proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood. Check it out!

UPDATE: My "The Future is Female" shirt was removed from the Represent website due to "Trademark Infringement." Here's the cease and desist letter:

We are writing to inform you that the following campaign will be taken down from our platform for infringement:
The reason is because Suzanne C. Sizer owns the registered trademark for the phrase "The Future is Female" in the clothing class. 

This notice is with regard to the design used on because we have received or reasonably expect to receive an allegation of trademark or copyright infringement. We have taken action to prevent potential damages.

Represent Holdings LLC (hereafter referred to as "Represent") reserves the right to block, remove, or delete any content at any time, and to limit or restrict access to any content for any reason and without liability, if we have reason to believe that such content infringes on the rights of any third party, has been uploaded or posted in breach of our Terms of Service and/or applicable law, or is otherwise unacceptable to Represent.

Accordingly, we believe that your design/content on may infringe on copyright and/or trademark rights of a third party and use of this design may not be authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.

Therefore, we have removed your design and the corresponding URL from our site in order to avoid potential legal action by the trademark/copyright owner, or as a result of a direct request from the trademark/copyright owner. If you believe our actions are in error, please provide written documentation from the trademark and/or copyright owners that you have permission or a license to use this design, or if your design otherwise constitutes “fair use” under applicable law. We will consider the documentation you send us in a timely manner, and restore the campaign design back on to the site based on the documentation you provide.

Team Represent