The Smith Wedding


Saturday, August 11th 2007 - Cape Neddick, Maine

One of my best friends Caleb was getting married and I was excited to try out my new camera. It was a beautiful, casual, outdoor wedding on a sweltering August day. Looking through some of these photos I was still encountering my fair share of technical foibles, such as standing in my own light and casting a shadow on my subjects. Or using too fast an aperture for a multi-subject capture; forgetting that depth is a plane too! (I think this was my first shoot with my new 50mm ƒ/1.4 lens, and I didn't quite realize how shallow depth of field could be when compared to my 28-105mm ƒ/3.5-4.5). My command skills in directing groups of people were also still developing, due to lack of confidence most likely. But I know I'm often too critical of photography, specifically my own. I am quite proud of many of these images, specifically the series towards the end of the wedding during the cutting of the cake where the bride and groom both smashed cake into each others' faces. So I present to you, selected images from The Smith Wedding...