Blue Hills Music Clubhouse


DORCHESTER -  (2007)

The best job I've ever had was in college. I wish I had known that back then! It was my first (and only) co-op job while I was at Northeastern University. I was the supervisor for a brand new after school music program starting in Lawrence, MA called the Lawrence Music Clubhouse. Basically I was paid to play music with kids ages 8-18 after school 3-4 days a week. It was fantastic! But as all good things must come to an end, I moved on after my 6-month internship and went back to school. I did, however, stay in close contact with the clubhouse's founder Gary Eichhorn. A few year later, when I heard there were other clubhouses opening I jumped at the chance to help.

The gallery below features some of my favorite images from a day at the Blue Hills Music Clubhouse in Dorchester. I'm happy to report that there are now TWELVE music clubhouses throughout Massachusetts! Providing opportunities for children to connect with and experience music is something I'm extremely passionate about. For more information check out their website ( might see some familiar photos.