Los Angeles in 700 pixels



Why would I ever need more than 700 pixels in either dimension? I must have thought back in 2007, and for a while after. Because every photo I edited and exported for upload on my website at the time (www.caseavp.com) was 700px in one direction or the other. In past blog posts I've re-edited RAW files - a type of remastering, like record companies love to do with "anniversary editions" of popular albums. But for this gallery (and certainly some to follow) I've decided to present the original 2007 JPEGs. How "vintage" of me!

In 2007 I spent Thanksgiving with one of my best friends Justin at his apartment in West Hollywood. What followed were many days and nights of west coast exploration, a scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner that included deep frying a turkey on a sidewalk, and the addiction I developed to my new Canon 15mm prime fisheye lens.